September 19, 2014

Outdoor Sales

About Us

By Sebastien Loo

I am really happy you want to get to know a little bit more about myself and this project.

My name is Sebastien Loo, my dad and I decided to start this site:

Ever since I was a kid I have been really close to my dad. We have done many things together such as playing sports, sailing boats, home improvements and other activities which have helped us forge a really strong father-son relationship. My father introduced me to outdoor adventures and wilderness. Since I was 12 years old I have helped him organize the annual family camping trip, while growing up he taught me many things about camping and outdoor survival. We have been doing this trip for almost 15 years and we have never missed one year.

The first thing my father taught me about Survival Tools is that the Best Tool is the one at your disposal. I strongly support this not only because of our outdoor experiences but also because of my mechanical engineering background. My working environment requires me to be prepared for any situation; however, carrying many tools with me is uncomfortable and impractical. Having a good multi tool with me has saved me a lot of time and helped me become more efficient while doing my job.

For my 14th birthday my father gave me a second hand Gerber Military Provisional Tool. I was really lucky back then to get my first multi tool as a gift from my father, because with so many options and information available today choosing a multi tool to best fit your needs can be a little bit overwhelming. This is one of the reasons that motivated me to create this website. I wanted a website where I can compare multi-tools by brands by material, functionality, weight, and even price; a website that was easy to navigate and with useful reviews. Although you can find a lot of Youtube videos and websites sharing their opinions on what the Top multi-tool on the market is, I still prefer to see the whole picture with cold hard facts.

Opinions are important, but I really enjoy direct comparison. It give me a better understanding on what the product is useful for and it helps me to take a better decision based on my needs and budget. Most of the time I found lists about new multi tools that has come to the market, but nothing that compares them in a chart. Therefore, we decided to create our own chart guided through my father’s experiences and our personal opinions. We spent countless hours reading and analyzing during our research to come up with a chart we call the Best Multi Tool Review Chart. This chart is completely interactive, allowing you to sort data on nearly 50 of the top multi tools in the market.

Our main goal with this website is to provide up-to-date information that is easy to understand, to help you make the best possible multi-tool buying decision based on your real needs and budget. Through research and personal experiences my father and I worked hard to provide you with a valuable resource to help you in your selection process for the best multi tool.

We are planning to update our website with more in-depth reviews of multi tools, personal videos testing different multi tools, and more tips on how to choose the best multi tool for you.

My father and I just created a Google+ account for where you can find more about us and follow us.